Introducing PowerClaim Estimator

PowerClaim Estimator is our new web-based claims management system and estimating tool.  It is a browser based program that can be used on PCs, tablets, cell phones, and even Apple devices.

Advantages of Estimator

Easy to Learn

Do not be worried about trying something new.  This software was designed to be easy to use and flexible.   We offer free training and support.


All information is stored on secure servers in the cloud.  There are no installations, just go to the website from any device and log in.  Updates are no longer something you have to worry about.  We will publish updates to the website at regular intervals.

Shared Custom Database

Everyone in your company now shares a custom database.  If you need to change the price of a common item to match pricing in your area, everyone in your company will be able to use that same item. 

Even more estimating software!

PowerClaim XML

PowerClaim XML is a complete stand alone property adjusting software package. It allows you to quickly complete estimates as well as create photo sheets, diagrams, captioned reports and more.


PowerITV Replacement Cost Calculator is a web-based solution that allows you to find the replacement cost of practically any structure quickly and accurately using timely data provided by the Craftsman Book Company.


The integration of Power Claim into our adjusting process has allowed us to increase our level of service to our policyholders, by providing prompt payments with the details to support the payment. This places the policyholders in a better position with their contractors to proceed with the necessary repairs and/or replacement. The use of templates and integration with our management system has decreased the workload for our claims staff. The efficiencies gained benefit both the policyholders and the Company.

          -Paul G Stueven, Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

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