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PowerClaim Estimator

PowerClaim Estimator is our web-based software for claims management and estimating.  Log in to your account with a username and password from any device with internet access. Ready to give it a try?  Simply sign up for a free trial below or give us a call and we will be happy to set up an account for you.  

Estimator LogIn
Estimate Page
Line Item Screen
Photo Page
Custom Reports
Reports Page

Estimator Features

Claims Management & Estimator

PowerClaim Estimator is a claims management system and an estimator.  Users can assign and track claim progress through the life of the file. Use pricing updated quarterly from the Craftsman Book Company or modify prices to create your own custom database.  

  • EagleView: Place roof orders based on the claim's loss address and import roof order measurements and reports into your PowerClaim estimate. 

  • magicplan: Import floor plans created using AR tools from your mobile device.

  • IMT Software Services: Import claims, eliminating duplication of data entry and export estimate reports back to imaging.

Custom Reports

The Custom Reports Page allows you to create your own reports and save them as templates for future use.  You can also use data fields that pull directly from claims.  You can access these reports on the reports page and create one pdf file with the complete estimate.

Photo Page

Take pictures and upload them directly into your claim.  Your photos can then be edited to add arrows, text or other graphics to point out specific damage. It is an easy to use system that allows users to make photo reports of 2 or 4 pictures per page.

Cloud Stored Claims

All files are saved on Microsoft Azure secure servers.  You no longer have to worry about backups or computer crashes. 

Easy Updates

We handle all updates on our end.  Users no longer have to download and install new software versions or pricing updates.  

Additional Features

  • Diary Section
  • Regional Cost Adjustments
  • Company Wide Custom Database
  • Add Supporting Documents
  • Address Book for Contacts
  • Save Multiple Disclaimers
  • Free Customer Support
  • Diagraming
  • Save Reports Together as Single PDF
  • Proof of Loss Report
  • Statement of Loss Report
  • Short Form Report
  • Trade Summary Report
  • R/C Statement Report
  • Free Training Webinars
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