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HRI is a company that truly believes that you, the customer, should come first.  We are continually trying to find new and better ways to serve the needs of our customers.  Now, we would like to extend an invitation to you for comments regarding PowerClaim.  We will eventually post many of these comments on our website.  Please fill out the testimonial section below and hit send. Thank you for your continued support of PowerClaim!



By filling out the form below, you will be giving Hawkins Research Inc. permission to use all or only a portion of the comments listed.  These comments become the property of Hawkins Research Inc. and may be posted on our website, or printed on other advertisement materials, along with your name and location.

Comments:  (regarding PowerClaim XML, Estimator (web-based), RCC, HRI Customer Support, Training, etc.)

Thanks! Message sent.

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