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PowerClaim XML Information Page

PowerClaim XML is our stand alone estimator.  It is used throughout the insurance property industry.  Our customers range from Insurance Carriers to independent adjusters and many points in between.  PowerClaim XML is packed with useful features which allows you the flexibility to tailor its use for your company. 

It is very easy to learn and we offer a seven day free trial.  Click the download link at the bottom of this page to get started today.

PowerClaim XML ScreenShots
Line Item Screen
Diagram Page
Claim Setup Page
PropertyValuation Page
Reports Page
Estimate Page
Invoice Page
Captioned Reports Generator
Diary Page
Estimate Settings
Area Page

PowerClaim XML Features

Claims Managment

PowerClaim XML has the capabilities of a stand-alone claims management system for independent adjusters.  It stores your companies files in a database where you can store photos, documents and your notes about the file.   It is easy to check progress in each file and make status changes or diary entries to track your progress in each.


XML was designed to be and easy to learn estimating platform.  You have the ability to set up multiple coverages and areas on each estimate.  The line item screen is easy to navigate and has an auto-save feature that will keep your work intact.

All of our pricing comes from craftsman book company.


Our diagramming section is a simple drawing tool that has a lot flexibility.  We have many different roof templates available that will make creating a simple roof diagram very easy.  Like all diagramming tools the more time you put in practicing the better your diagrams will look.

Captioned Reports Generator

The captioned reports generator allows you to make custom reports and add data fields that will pull from information that you have already typed in in the claim.  You can create your own templates to use on any claim.  You can also combine these reports with the wide array of reports we already have included in the program.

Photo Page

The photo page has always been one of our most popular features in XML.  It allows you to add and label photos to your specific claims files.  You can attach the photo page report with your estimate and display it as two or four pictures per page.  You can pull the photos directly from your camera or phone after it has been plugged into your computer


The program has been set up to let you invoice directly out of the program.  You can track all your invoices and payments.  It can be set up on a custom schedule or their is an activity log that will allow you to bill specific activities.

Additional Features

  • Diary Section
  • Regional Cost Adjustments
  • Flexibility to use it how  you want.
  • Add Supporting Documents
  • Address Book for Contacts
  • Large selection of pre-made reports.
  • Free Customer Support
  • Save Reports Together as Single PDF
  • Global Cost Change
  • NFIP Forms and Reports
  • Pricing from Craftsman Book Company
  • Tick Sheets
  • Insurance-to-Value tool included
  • Free Training Webinars
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If you are starting a trial, after the program is downloaded, just give us a call with your site code number.  We will give you a site key that unlocks the full version of the program for seven days.
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