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Get Started with PowerClaim Estimator Part 1

Welcome to the PowerClaim Blog. Every time you try out a new program there is a learning curve that you have to go through. Our goal for this blog is to give you information that will allow for a much better understanding of our software and make any transition you are making much easier to accomplish.

In this post we will be talking about PowerClaim Estimator and its user account settings. PowerClaim Estimator is our online estimating and claims management system. Your user account settings determine what you can see and do in Estimator. Our system is designed to be flexible and to meet your company's specific needs. If you’re an independent adjuster or manager of a large company we would set up your account with the company admin role.

The company admin role gives you access to your company's complete roster of PowerClaim users where you can change passwords and update company information as needed. We will be adding management reports and claims statistics to this role in the near future. Also the company administrator has access to a page that is called manage user types. This page allows the administrator to create new roles and set up permissions for those roles. Do you want Jim to be able to delete claims, but you do not want him to be able to see everyone's claims? Do you want Bob to be able to have access to all ten of your company’s adjusters claim files so he can review them. You could make a custom user account just for Jim or Bob that allows just what you want. It gives your company greater flexibility in controlling what each user has access too.

Based on these user settings each person using PowerClaim Estimator will have a different user experience. We will cover what some of those different experiences will look like in an upcoming blog post where we continue the tour of estimator.

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