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PowerITV Software Enchancements

The following changes have been published to PowerITV:

  • Added the option to choose a classification for uncovered decks, providing prices for composite or high quality decks.

  • Added the option to add multiple dryers on the grain bin details page.

  • Added option to add insulation and heating and cooling units to quonset buildings.

  • Please note: We have made extensive changes to hog building calculations based on feedback from customers. Because of these changes, any existing valuations for hog buildings will need to be reviewed completely to enter additional details. Please be sure to review the following items:

    • Pits with concrete slats: Users will now need to enter the area in square feet of deep pits and shallow pits in the optional section of the General Information page. The previous setup included the cost of pits and slats in the total price.

    • Hog Building Equipment is a new page that allows users to enter more details and improve the accuracy of the estimate.

    • Heating and Cooling Units: Users will need to add heaters (if applicable) to their hog buildings. A new heating type of "overhead forced air heaters" has been added to the Unit Heating and Cooling 2 page.

    • A classification page has been added for hog buildings.


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